Come Visit Us!

Calvary Baptist Church is a loving, independent, fundamental, fellowship seeking to meet the needs of families in the Jefferson area. Our philosophy of ministry is conservative, and our music is traditional. We love to sing praise to our God!

However, the main focus of our worship services is preaching the Word of God. Our congregation follows the text in their own open Bibles as we search the Scriptures together. Rather than promoting a denomination, our leadership emphasizes loyalty to the Word of God, both in doctrine and in practice. We regularly help with the financial and prayer support of missionaries both at home and abroad. We consider it a privilege to fellowship with many organizations and individuals who share our philosophy of ministry and who not only believe the Bible, but also teach it and defend it. Calvary Baptist is not a perfect church, but our people are growing in grace. Our desire is to please and honor the Lord Jesus Christ by submitting to the authority of His written Word. If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us - or better yet, come by for a visit!